About us:

I visited many hotels in the world, but everywhere I felt like a stranger and never felt at home, that’s why I decided to create it myself...

Seeing the world is more inspiring than any dream. Connecting with different talented artists is a colourful palette of ideas. I combined these emotions and inspirations in one space. Precious. Private. Yours.

The hotel is located on the 1st floor of the clubhouse Graf near the French Boulevard,just a 5 minute walk from the popular Otrada beach, near the historic center of our resort city. It is just 5 minutes drive from the famous and beloved street of Odessa, Deribasovskaya.

The spectacle of an elegant interior approached by the principle of symmetry, combining functionality, harmony and the beauty to create an unforgettable atmosphere filled with sensation. It allows you to connect with the inspiration and passion that our team created.

All in one place.

Mr. Grey Boutique hotel.
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Vice-Admiral Azarov str., 6, Odessa, Ukraine, 65000
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